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Approximately 5.3 million Americans have suffered a traumatic brain injury and now experience the need for long-term care to assist with daily tasks. Traumatic brain injuries can be life altering, for those who experience them as well as their families. When facing the symptoms and effects of an unexpected brain trauma, it can be difficult for all involved to readjust to daily life while coping with their new normal. In such situations, the home assistance of a skilled caregiver can aid the entire family in establishing new routines and care systems.

Home Assistance for Traumatic Brain Injury Care

A traumatic brain injury can affect cognition, motor skills, mobility, and behavior. The symptoms may range from mild to severe, and the prognosis of a traumatic brain injury is different for every patient. On the path to recovery, it is important to have a support team in place to provide comprehensive care.

With home assistance from an Independent Life Home Care caregiver, your entire family will be able to access the support services they need. We offer comprehensive traumatic brain injury care in the home; maintaining familiar surroundings may be beneficial in easing the stress and anxiety traumatic brain injury sufferers can experience. Our support services include:

• Light housekeeping, laundry services, and meal preparation
• Mobility assistance
• Safety supervision
• Cognitive stimulation
• Transportation assistance
• Assistance with necessary medical equipment
• Companionship
• Grooming and hygiene assistance
• Respite care for family caregivers

With the assistance of a skilled caregiver, those who have experienced one or multiple traumatic brain injuries can build new routines which will allow them to remain safe in the home while living independently. Our staff knows that the effects of a traumatic brain injury can be quite different from one case to the next, which is why we offer individualized care planning; we will meet with you and those involved with your care to assess your home care needs, and create a schedule that will allow you access to the help you need, when and where you need it.

  • When selecting a home care agency to work with your loved one, it is important that your family be comfortable with their caregiver. Independent Life Home Care does an excellent job matching clients to caregivers to ensure a successful working relationship. When we chose them for our mother’s dementia care, we were really impressed with the fit!

    Posted by Thomas Woodrow

  • Over the years, I’ve found that some things have become more difficult than they used to be! What’s great about working with Independent Life is that I can adjust my home care services as needed, they always have a caregiver available to help me.

    Posted by William Jacobsen

  • My mother always loved chatting with her caregiver from Independent Life. She was a little uneasy at first about having someone come into her home, but quickly grew to enjoy the companionship and professionalism. Independent Life’s caregivers are really top notch!

    Posted by Lucy Wellington

  • I’d definitely recommend Independent Life Home Care to anyone in the Las Vegas area who is in need of home health services for themselves or their loved ones. Independent Life’s caregivers are a joy to work with, and their 24-hour care services have always exceeded my high standards.

    Posted by Bruce Long

  • After being admitted to the hospital for so long, I just didn’t feel ready to be on my own yet. Independent Life connected me with caregivers who provided the home care I needed to manage my recovery and keep my house in order. I welcomed having someone to chat with regularly, and felt safer knowing someone was there when I was not yet back to my best self. I’d certainly recommend their home care services to anyone facing a lengthy recovery.

    Posted by Annabeth Lee Schulz

  • Dad really struggled to stay active after Mom passed, I think he felt a bit burdened by all he had to do. His caregiver stepped in to assist with household chores and to help him with his needs, and I think that made quite a difference in improving his quality of life. That companionship and mental stimulation seemed to help him carry on, doing the things he loved.

    Posted by Andrea Blankenhorn

  • I’ve always been independent, but I’m a realist as well. I recognized I was having trouble with certain things, so I got to work searching for a solution which would help me stay healthy, happy, and in the Las Vegas home I love. I contracted senior care services with Independent Life Home Care, and was able to choose the services I need. It’s great having someone to help me with the tasks that have become difficult, and I also welcome the conversation and company of my caregiver each week.

    Posted by Jolene Clark

  • When my mom was sick, it was helpful to have a caregiver available to come in and assist me with the day to day housekeeping as well as provide home health assistance. I really feel that Independent Life Home Care made that time much more manageable for our family.

    Posted by Lydia Ekles

  • If you are caring for a loved one at home, don’t forget that you need time to care for yourself, too! Respite care is a must so that you can take care of your needs. I trust Independent Life to care for my son when I have important appointments to attend, and when I need time to recharge.

    Posted by Dave Ellettson

  • I cannot thank Independent Life Home Care enough for the compassionate hospice care they provided during my husband’s final days. It was a tremendous comfort to have someone dependable to rely on so that I could spend those last moments with him.

    Posted by Ellen Sampson

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