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In addition to skilled medical care, Independent Life Home Care also provides nonmedical services to enhance your life, keeping you safe and healthy in your own home. Nonmedical care provides assistance for daily tasks that may become difficult as your loved one ages. An in-home care giver can complete these tasks, helping seniors remain in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

Las Vegas in-home care for daily needs

Nonmedical in-home care provides assistance to help seniors with daily activities. Everybody has a different set of needs, and may find particular activities challenging throughout the day. Independent Life Home Care offers assistance on an hourly basis or around-the-clock care to keep seniors safe and comfortable. In addition to performing daily tasks, in-home care givers provide valuable companionship, offering seniors a sense of security and comfort at home. Conversation and individual contact can keep the mind alert, and encourage seniors to continue participating in the activities they enjoy by having a companion to enjoy them with.

Nonmedical in-home care can provide needed assistance for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Assistance with meal preparation and eating
  • Assistance bathing and dressing,
  • Assistance with toileting and continence
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Completion of errands and shopping
  • Medication management
  • Daily companionship
  • Help with hobbies and outings

Sometimes, the seniors in your life experience difficulty doing a few necessary daily activities, but you may not feel it’s enough for them to leave the home. Independent Life Home Care’s in-home care givers are able to provide this nonmedical care for your loved ones, to keep them comfortable and active while putting your mind at ease. Remaining in the home environment can make a noticeable difference in the health and mood of your senior family members; essential nonmedical in-home care can keep them at home while ensuring these necessary tasks are completed.

  • All of your caregivers have been very professional and have had a caring and encouraging attitude- That means so much. Keep it up!

    Posted by Susan

  • I found Independent Life by searching the internet. Everything with them has been great every step of the way. The owners are nice. They have a really good office manager, and everybody communicates. They're all knowledgeable. The caregiver is the best part. She's just awesome. She makes all of us feel comfortable specially my mom.

    Posted by Sabina

  • I interviewed Independent Life and talked about providing care for my mother, who is now 88 years old. She has difficulty preforming every day tasks and we just cant be there for her all the time, so we decide to hire a home care agency. We found Independent Life on the internet. Independent Life seemed very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

    Posted by Max

  • They introduced my to services I never new existed and walked through the program that paid for my moms caregiver. I would recommend independent life to anyone with a aging parent!

    Posted by Jose

  • Excellent! The girls Independent Life sends are fast and outstanding. I love all my girls, especially Samantha. She is my chef. She cooks whatever I want. I wouldn't change this company for the world! Sherri

    Posted by Jill

  • I always knew that my dad was in good hands with the caregivers provided by Independent life. The caregivers took dad to his doctors appointments, adult day care, and out to lunch. On the weekends, the caregiver would make dad pancakes. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help to manage their elderly parent.

    Posted by Ryan

  • I am the Director of Senior Services for Jewish Family Service Agency in Las Vegas. The team at Independent Life is exceptional. They have provided excellent home care services, evaluations and updated care status for all our clients and referrals. I would not hesitate to use their services.

    Posted by Chris P

  • A friend suggested Independent Life to us, and I went with them. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and humble. I'm very happy with their care. Everybody seems to be perfect for me.

    Posted by Chris

  • Awesome company! They helped me get approved for services i didn't even know existed. My mom is a handful and independent life makes it manageable.

    Posted by Jane

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